Ladies and Gentlemen

Master of None is one of my favourite shows and in every episode the story revolves around one specific subject. In the episode „Ladies and Gentlemen“ this focus is set on sexual harassment that women have to deal with every day and about the protagonist who is able to engage in a change of perspective […]

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„Doch als der ewig Eine mich erschuf wies er mir meine Aufgabe – in Worten: Liebe. Er griff mein Herz und schnitt aus dem Splitter Schlüssel zum Vorratshaus der Wirklichkeit“ – Omar Khayaam –

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To see you go now

A song that has moved me, ever since I know it. Recently, especially this week, it has moved me even more, in the light of the loss of a friend. I want to share it here, because it has been very helpful in trying to understand the recent events and dealing with the questions and […]

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