„Doch als der ewig Eine mich erschuf wies er mir meine Aufgabe – in Worten: Liebe. Er griff mein Herz und schnitt aus dem Splitter Schlüssel zum Vorratshaus der Wirklichkeit“ – Omar Khayaam – Advertisements

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To see you go now

A song that has moved me, ever since I know it. Recently, especially this week, it has moved me even more, in the light of the loss of a friend. I want to share it here, because it has been very helpful in trying to understand the recent events and dealing with the questions and […]

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Het is al een tijdje geleden, dat ik hier in een andere taal dan in het duits  schreef… I have been to the Netherlands lately. Again. For the first time after two years of absence.  For the first time for a longer period than three days, for the first time in three years. And longer […]

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