Everybody has some emotional trash sometimes…

I am a german, 20 year old meid studying in the Netherlands, caught between the languages and countries, between village and city, between vintage and modern.

This is also the reason why in posts I will probably change between 3 languages, i hope you guys are multilingual or willing to get helped by big G’s translator…

I love all the arts: writing, music, films, theatre, dance, photography,… Actually I also try doing some of this stuff myself sometime, and I admit I’m not a pro, of course. And I dont have high claims to myself, I just want it to be fun. I also don’t really care if people like what I do here.

Though I would really appreciate some critical feedback on my texts or suggestions for my tongue-twister category and others. Please feel free and leave a comment, your emotional trash, your own experiences of living abroad, dutch, english, spanish, french, whatever tongue-twisters and suggestions for great music or films. Everything that comes to mind! I would love to have this site a very interactive one with a lot of exchange of ideas and emotional garbage of course!!

So why am I doing this?

I just needed a new dump for all my inspirations and feelings after I finished writing my blog about being an EVS-volunteer in the Netherlands last year – and not wanting to spam all my facebook friends with all my political, socialistic, democratic, pedagogical favourite links on the internet…

So if you like what I’m doing, share and like and get an abonnement of this site and if you don’t: I am not offended by that. Leave a comment, give feedback! I would really appreciate that!


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